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Santa Bass Dump the pop-ups and be prepared to be grossed out!

"" Blog Junkies Rejoice! Stay up to the minute on Updated Blogs, the Diaries of the Internet!

Christmas Cheer! Have some fun with Santa's Reindeer ; )

What can You make him do? A fun diversion.

Computer Stupidities If you want to work at a help desk, read these first!

Wacky Packages! If you were around in the 70's, you'll remember these!

Star Trek Personality Test Which character are You most like?

Toonopedia Cartoons Cartoons Cartoons!

ARRGH The Pirate's Online Resource. Check it out for some fun 'Me Matey!'

Create An Alien What you do with him is your decision.

Red Line Hot Wheels A nice lil trip down memory lane : )

Fart City The Web is Full of Educational sites! (THIS is NOT one of them!)

Create your own Boy Band Have some fun with this one!

Chance Got a question? (Click one of the choices and Let It Load)

Switcheroo Zoo What stange animal can you come up with? Fun site!

Courtesy Flush Etiquette for Real Life....?

Eugene Mirman The Crooning Child Sings! (Sort Of)

The Beasty Game Pick an animal...any animal!

The Bad Fads Museum The worst from the past 100 years.
Have you hugged your Pet Rock today? ; )

LEGO Mosaic Use the Brick-O-Lizer to create your own mosaic.

Am I Annoying? You choose which celebs are annoying or not.

False Advertising A gallery of parody. Enter with an open mind!

Seinfeld's Real New York See the Real places that Jerry went to!

Wacky Times The title says it all!

Cabaret Mechanical Theatre This is cool! Do some exploring at this one and have fun!

The Sexual Identity Test What does it say about you? (thanks Bro! : )

Smart Ass Guide to NYC This guy is Very Talented! Explore the whole site!

Le Piano Graphique Let your keyboard make 'music'. (?) Thanks Tony!

Infection Detection Protection Fun and Interesting. (Now go wash your hands!)

Assisted Computing Facilities I hope you never need this...

Cauliflower Carnage Real Groovy!!!

Marry My Brother Is that clock ticking? Feeling desperate? (lol) Thanks JN!

Bored Office Party Cubicle Wars!

Oozing Goo The Lava Lamp Syndicate!

Unfortunate Cards A fine collection of 'strange' greeting cards.

Dancing Paul Check out Dancing Paul and his friends.

Jumprope Make the BIG kid jump rope!

Brothers Grinn Familiar favorites with a few twists!

The forgotten Looney Tunes Stop in and see if they bring back some memories.

Virtual Food Fight! Have an e mail food fight using various foods!

Destroy All Monsters Survivor: Monster Island A fun place to visit but you can't live here...

Idiot BoxTV TV was never like this! Funky Stuff!

Face Generator Lets you do some nasty things to folks you don't know!

Welcome to Muppet World Step on in for a visit!

Mr. Blackwell's List Read all of his past opinions...the man has had a Lot!

Toonopedia Great Collection of 'Toons' old and new!

The Official Harry Potter Website Nice graphics at this site!

Laughing Gas Comedy & Humor

Dancin' Dubya! I Love this one!

Whassup? Language Program Learn to be annoying in Many languages!

Movies of the 80's

Extreme Sports Online

The Duct Tape Page Many uses for duct tape!

Create A Creature Then watch it come to life! Silly, but fun!

Vicki Mouse This is meant for kids but there are a lot of fun things here!

Downloads USA Cram your hard drive with fun, free stuff!

When Good Toilets go BAD... Uh Oh!

Gingerbread Men with an attitude! Yikes!

Stupid Website! Funny, Stupid Stuff!

ToyAdz Travel back to see ads of your favorite old toys!

Jezebel's Mirror Jezebel and her friends and their collection of themselves in mirrors!

Elbots Try your hand at deciphering ink drawings and see what everyone else says too.

Horoscopes All kinds of predictions for the year ahead.

What kind of Cheese are You?

Dean and Nigel Follow these guys as they dress to blend in!

HalfBakery Good and Not So Good Ideas!

In Passing Bits of overheard conversations

Way Too Personal! Adventures in internet dating...

Dot Com Humor A new page of internet comics every day!

Supercalafragalistic A fun site to explore!

Build a Train Build and run your own train set!

Sinkies Do you like to eat over the sink???

The Clone Zone!

The University of Life All kinds of fun tests!

The Cheezy Guy!

The Face Memory Game How observant are You?

The Caricature Zone

How do You eat your cookies? Find out what it means...

The Institute of Official Cheer!

M*A*S*H* Revisit the 4077th! ~ I miss this show ~

Got Coffee?? Are you a coffee addict?

Bizarre stuff to make in your kitchen! (For me, that would be dinner!)

The Bush - Gore Dance! I Love this one!

Romance Quiz This one is for the Guys!

Hand Analysis Online Palmistry!

Virtual Mr. Potato Head!

Sushi Analysis Choose 5, then click on the Saki bottle

Interactive Magic

Burrito Analysis What does your favorite say about you?

Worlds Largest Roadside Attractions!

Bill's Best "Bill's" choices for the best of 'everything'!

Adopt a Virtual Dog! You can also adopt a cat or fish! WOW!

Cool Dog Names OR Funky names for your new baby!

Dance Around The Ultimate Animated Dance Page Collection

Star Wars! "The LEGO Episodes!"

Get 'Hitched' Online! ...Well, sort of. : )

YesterdayLand! Step back in time and be a kid again!

Celebrity Match Who's your best match?

The Budget Traveller's Guide to Sleeping in Airports!

E-Mail Signatures Best collection I've seen yet!

Tacky Postcard Archive FUNNY!

Bad Dog Chronicles Think Your dog is bad?

Romance 101 Romance tests and games.

True Stupidity! Here's some funny stuff!

Flip a Coin! How did we make decisions before this site existed?

Paul's Funhouse Cartoons!

Mad Blast The animated adventures of the hapless Stickman!

What Men Say ...And what they Really mean.

Internet Bumperstickers! Some fun ones to put on your website if you have one.

The National Enquirer Online Do Inquiring minds REALLY need to know this stuff?

Psychic Test A quick little test to drive you nuts! : )

A day in the life of a McDonalds employee...

The Reflex Tester!

Excuses, Excuses! Think you've heard 'em all?

Obsessive Fan Sites Sites like these make you rejoice when your 15 mins. of fame are up!

The Pun Page! New Fun Pun Every Day!

How To Drive Like A Moron... Do you really need instructions...?

Things To Do Online Instead Of Sleep!

Frost-A-Cake! Then send it to your friends! *I like this one*

Museum of Pez Memorabilia

Lost in the Translation Funny, Mangled English Language

Star Trek Warp Give Kirk and Spock a new dimension!

Free Readings Online I-Ching/Runes/Tarot/Numerology, etc.

Monologue Archives Late Night One-Liners
{All the fun, No commercials!}

Haunted Mansions Around the World Oooh! MORE good ghost stories!
:-O Boo! Sent in By Sherri!

Got Beer??? This site is "All Beer-All the time!"

Ask Confucious

FIREWORKS! Shoot off fireworks online

20 Questions Play 20 questions against computer. This is amazing!

Karaoke Commute! This guy videotaped himself every day, doing karaoke in his car on the way to work!

Fred The Webmate 'Interact' with Fred at work!

PIXELTIME Make pixel pictures.

Strange but True

Text to Speech Just type in what you want to hear!

Orbs Of Wonder COOL! Check it out!

Shopping Hollywood If ya gotta spend your $, get something funky.

JIB JAB Found a site run by folks crazier than me!/Strange Fun!

Goofy Faces! If it's time for a new goofy face, find one here.

AIRTOONS Click on the pics {If you're offended easily, skip this one}

Spice up your baby's life! A quickie

Bad to the bone Another quickie

Windows 95 Sucks This is funny

Alien Abductions Inc. Why wait for 'Them' to find You?

Bozo Criminal of the Day

Billy's Summer Carnival

Caverns Of Blood Horror with an attitude!

Have fun with Bill C. Works S*L*O*W but it's funny!

Dumb Laws World Wide

The Gallery of Ill Fitting Pants

Telemarketer Tormenting Techniques

Dr. Seuss's Suessville!

Santa's Village A fun site, no matter what your age!

Lenny Loosejocks! Silly stuff & fun sound effects

Hamster Blast! Move your mouse around...

Choose Your Own Adventure

The Haunted House Fun Ghost Stories!

Americas Most Haunted Spooky places to visit

Japanese 'Engrish' Funny Stuff!

Monty Python!

The Marx Brothers

Mad TV

The Three Stooges



Sci-Fi & Fantasy Fun Funny Stuff, check out the top 10's!

Brain Games & More!

Horoscope Blender

Celebrity Spoof ebcam

Sports News Links


The Beanie Baby Connection

Celebrity Photos Lists

Make your own Fractals!

Daily Horoscopes 'Plus'

Learning the Tarot

The World Of The Evil Eye Thriller Stories!

Comics Hot List Create your own daily comics page!

The Fan Channel Lots of Fan Essentials

Newton's Apple On Line

Joke Web

A Dictionary of Slang From a British Perspective

Fun Test IQ A fun little site

Make 7 Up Yours!

Coca-Cola Bears


Dumb Boss Very Funny Site!

Ugly The Cat Grab a hanky first!

Happy Woman Magazine Isn't that a contradiction of terms? ; ) JUST Kidding!

Apology Note Generator

Cat & Mouse Move your mouse around. (Kinda Creepy!)


Smokey Bear Game I Love how he walks in this!!!

Smokey's Story Maker Use your imagination! This can be funny!

License Plate maker!

Animaniacs!! Are you an Animaniacs fan?

HOGWILD! Celebrity Spoofs, News, Etc. ~HAVE FUN!~


Late Night with Conan O'Brien

Nickelodeon On Line


The Tonight Show with Jay Leno

MTV On Line Tons of stuff at this site!

How to Crap in the Woods

Nabisco World Games!

ABC TV's Official Site

Saturday Night Live!

How to Communicate with the Opposite Sex Is that a problem??? ha ha ha


Useless Information

Ghost Stories

The Aerican Empire Monty Python!!!

LATE SHOW w/ David Letterman Top 10 Lists!

Dress The Boss

Warner Bros. On Line Got a favorite WB show?

Solve Mini-Mysteries On Line! If you like mysteries, you'll love tihis!

Ask Dr. Science! Go ahead, ask him...

"La Cucharacha!" I never knew this fact!

Shatner Simulator Original Star Trek fan?

Laughing Newborn Great sound on this one!

Farting Dog Harmonics! LOL!!!

Kaleidoscope Painter I Love this site!!!

Biorhythm Check

Perpetual Bubblewrap!

Pig Latin E-Mail Conversion

Refigerator Poetry This is cool.

Elian's Island This will get stuck in your head!

The Dialectizer Need a laugh? Try this one!

Build a Christmas Tree!

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