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Some of these sites are Funky and Fun
and some are just ~DOWNRIGHT BIZARRE!~

159 Unusual Kentucky Each day a new category.

158 Cinemorgue Death Scenes of the Rich & Famous.

157 Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel View the latest wacky weddings.

156 ARSEiam Just Click or Move your Mouse. Have fun exploring the thumbnails. A nice little break from the Norm.

155 Super Burp! Hey! Excuse Yourself! Got one to add?

154 Animated Signs? Quite strange, let it fully load.

153 Virtual OM You want weird? HERE IT IS! Links are pink dashes at the bottom.

152 Singing Kitten "Scarey Sad Kitten" is more like it!

151 How much is inside? If you ever wondered how much you get for your money...

150 The Brady Bunch Hour If I had a page for Scarey Sites...THIS would be on it.

149 Urinal Dot Net Wanna see what you're missing in restrooms around the world??

148 The All New ToolyTowers! Weird yes, but also an entertaining read!

147 Plucked Chicken ????? This looks a bit scarey to meeeee!

146 Roadside Pet Cemetery Weird alright. See where "Famous" animals have been buried.

145 Roadside America See where all of the attractions (?) are, and how to recognize them.

144 The Life Of Jeff Photos taken each day in the life of this man. How would Your life look if you did this?

143 The Payphone Project Feel the need to reach out and touch someone with a payphone?

142 I Am Bored This person needs a life!

141 What Fred Ate Yep, this is weird alright!

140 Peas Yes, this will be quite apPEASing for your weird fix today. (sorry, couldn't help myself)

139 Who's Alive and Who's Dead? If you haven't heard any new news about a favorite celebrity, well, this site may tell you why!

138 Velvet Elvis Yes! A site dedicated to Velvet Elvis Paintings!

137 What should I put on the fence? Hmmm, good question...

136 The Haunted Chatroom True tales from the depths of AOHELL! eeeeek!

135 The Eeeeeeek Zone! Check out the Ghost Cams...If You Dare ; )

134 Fark News If it's weird news, it's here!

133 Death-O-Tron Can they predict how you will die???

132 Bear I hope you don't get nightmares!

131 The Timeline of Doom They keep watch, so you don't have to!

130 Stool Fairy There are fairies for everything...

129 Barber Kent Photos of men's radical haircuts. Check out the before and after shots!

128 Pavement Gear! Check this one out, Ontario must have a lot of chilly folks!
Thank You Tania for sending this one over!

127 The Dead Letter Office letters people would write if they had the chance, after they died.

126 The Nightmare Project Muu Ha ha! Do you dare enter....?

125 Italian Mummies Scroll down for photo index. (Thanks Shout)

124 Will's SKULL Page! EEEK!

123 Future Feed Forward..."Future News Stories"...?

122 Cyborg Fish A weird one alright!

121 Things that have been sold in vending machines...

120 Gothic Gardening The garden that mAlice built! *Thanks Roxanne!*

119 MORE Wacky Medical Devices!

118 Hats of Meat This is Gross!

117 The Ant Cam! Nothing to watch on TV?

116 Crazy Drunk Guy Has he ever phoned You?

115 Squirrel Fishing! Rodent Performance Evaluation

114 Gap-Toothed A site devoted to folks that are just that!

113 Curt Cobain's Magic Talking 8 Ball Yup....Weird

112 Cootie Resource Central Fightin' the war against cooties! LOL

111 The Mysterious Mummies of China

110 The Museum of Questionable Medical Devices EeeeeeeeeK!

109 Spontaneous Human Combustion "Got Marshmallows?"

108 Island Party This one is WEIRD alright! Thanks to Tony for sending it over! : )

107 The Catacombs of Palermo A Natural History museum, only with human bones!

106 The 10 Plagues A family Activity page...?

105 The Fat Project "Stinky Meat"-"Stinky Feet"-Now THIS!

104 Nude Man Carrot Warning! Vegetable Nudity!

103 Ask A Witch!

102 The Sea Monkey Worship Page

101 Weird Wisconsin And you thought they only brought us cheese!

100 Garden Gnomes disappear in France! I think the French are bored...

99 Find a grave Cemetary Search

98 Goose Adventures A 'photo journal' of an 80lb. cement goose!

97 Magpies Attack! Alfred Hitchcock would just Love this!

96 Family Album I think these folks live next door to me!

95 Cliche' Finder Have you lost one???

94 The Coral Castle How did he do this?

93 Shrunken Head Cam Museum Rotting Veggies With Character!

92 Fark News Fact IS stranger than fiction!

91 Reality Shifters No Comment...

90 Green Mutant Couch Potato

89 Ask The Toad

88 The Center For Shopping Cart Abuse Prevention

87 Martha Stewart Unplugged Yikes! Check out those feet!

86 Stupid Sound Clips Replace 'You've got mail' with one of these!

85 Todd Ginsberg's Sneeze Counter "Bless You!"

84 Museum of Dirt Maybe I should start another website, I'll call it
The Museum of Dust, and put a Web Cam in my house!

83 Meta Spy See what people are 'searching' for right now.

82 DigiScents Does your computer smell???

81 Banner ads you WON'T see!
You need a sense of humor for this one, but you're HERE, so you've got one!

80 Fungus See if You can figure this one out...

79 Army Tank NOT for the faint of heart! Make sure all of your computer top toys Cannot see the screen when you go here! ; )

78 The Onion Fact or decide! {LOL!}

77 The International Banana Club

76 Wacky Fortune Cookies

75 Build - A - Cow

74 The Hall of Toilets

73 FBI-Freedom of Information Lots of stuff you never knew about

72 Totally Absurd Patents

71 Tourist Traps Weird #@&%!/Also check out the Eco-Tours

70 Disneyland Fashion Disasters

69 Death Clock Your meter is running...

68 Failed Breakfast Cereals {And aren't you glad they did!!??}

67 News of the Weird In case you need a Larger dose of weird today!

66 The Empty Bowl A website dedicated to Cereal!

65 Celebrity Toilet Mic Ok, call me juvenile, but this is funny!

64 Stinky Meat Project #2! You asked and here it is!

63 The International Toaster Museum Yes, Toaster Museum!

62 The Blair Witch Legend

61 On-Line Voodoo Doll

60 Genetic Savings & Clone Yes, it's what you think it is...!

59 Pet Mummification ARGH!!!

58 Shaking Nina Make Nina Dance...

57 Plastic Surgery Lab Play Plastic Surgeon w/Your Favorites!

56 Madonna Brain Transplant

55 Torpedo Joe Game This is just plain sick...but funny

54 Insect Recipes! YUM....?

53 Ant Bracelet Do YOU have one yet?

52 Customers Suck The customer is NOT always right...

51 Hate Clowns??? You're NOT alone!

50 Combating Mind Control Oooh, can you really do that?

49 Sticky Flicks Cartoons

48 Planet Ketchup! Yes, a Whole site dedicated to Ketchup!

47 The Freeze Dried Kooks Museum I Wouldn't eat in their cafeteria!

46 Killer Fonts! Handwriting Fonts of the Dead and Famous

45 Papa Smurf is a Communist What the....?

44 Piercing Mildred *Ouch! Yikes! Zoweee!*

43 Roadside America Funky Sights Along The Road!

42 Interactive Underwear If you send them, they will wear them!

41 Shatner Rocks! (?) Click on pics to hear them sing!

40 Dumpster Diving Check the links too!

39 Long Nail World 'ONLY for the brave!' ; )

38 Disturbing Auctions Would You bid on anything here?

37 Fast Food Toys! Check her Links Page for a Lot more!

36 Oscar-Mayer Wienermobile History

35 Horror Movie Survival Guide Someone thought a Lot about this!

34 The Philadelphia Experiment

33 Sci Fi Time Machine!

32 Ultra Lounge I haven't really figured this one out yet

31 Dr. Zaius Warped News Items

30 Lunchbox Appreciation Old Collectibles

29 Real TV On Line

28 Gobler Toys Some Very Wacky Toys!!

27 The Yuckiest Site You've been warned!

26 Cat in the Kettle Don't watch if it's 'Take-Out' night...

25 Baked Beans! LOL!! Excuse ME!!

24 Burn TimeTurn a friendly office memo into a missive from hell! Argh!

23 The Graveyard MuuuuHaaaaHaaaa!

22 Stare Down Sally! Sally MUST put drops in her eyes!

21 Y'all Humor Jokes, postcards, games

20 "Youse" Y'all's 'Northern' version! LOL

19 HUH? We All need a site like this....?

18 Work Sucks!

17 Living with The Consequences An OnLine Sit-Com

16 Jaba the Zit Game This is Gross!

15 OOOPS! Britney's been eatin' beans! (Turn Up Your Volume!!)

14 The Ugly Butterfly

13 The Case of the Dead Person Can you solve the Crime?

12 Give Cher a New Face Lift!

11 Cross Dress Marv Albert! YIKES!

10 Gerbil Derby

9 Pres. Fords' Family Pets No self respecting Link site would be with out THIS one!

8 Buddy and I Okie Dokie...???

7 AOL Version 6.0 It's a Joke, Son!

6 S.F. Cabbie Life On Line Diaries of a San Francisco Cab Driver

5 The Stinky Meat Project I'll let that title say it all!

4 Soda Play Constructor This is wild!

3 The Stinky Feet Project! Seems theres a Run on Stinky Projects!

2 Rock School

1 "Best Toilets" (If you get a page of 'gibberish', just hit Refresh!)

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