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"Imagination is more important than knowledge.
Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world."
*Albert Einstein*
If you like quotes, hop on over to another one of my websites for a visit!
Favorite Quotes

237 20 Years of Frontline Travel back and review 20 years of this great PBS show.

236 Explore Mars Now! Take a virtual tour of a future Mars habitat.

235 When They Were Young An eerie photographic retrospective of childhood.

234 Internet Traffic Report If you're wondering how the rest of the world is faring, check here.

233 Page By Page Books This is a GREAT site!

232 Glossarist A searchable site that could come in quite handy!

231 Utorials Tutorials for just about anything! Great Site!

230 Monsters & Myths Lots of interesting info here.

229 Joan's Archives Food and dietary related Q & A. (Thanks Ralph!)

228 Timelines of History Venture back in time...Good site!

227 Light a Candle Light a Candle Against Terrorism.

226 The Resource Directory for Older People A helpful site!

225 World Trade Center Information

224 Fact Monster Great site for School Kids!

223 Classic Reader This is a Great site! Classic books to read online or print out.

222 Workout! This is an Excellent site! You need to create a PW but it's worth it!

221 CIA Fact Book If you're doing research, this could be a good place to start!

220 Petition Site Create or sign a petition.

219 The Queen of Clean Stop in here for some handy cleaning tips.

218 State Health Facts Lots of info on all 50 US states.

217 Online Radio Stations, downloads, etc.

216 Herbage All you want to know about herbs and what they can do!

215 The Peter Rabbit Official Website This is a Beautiful site!

214 Country Living Just like the magazine, only more!

213 Guinness World Records Amazing what people will do to get in a book!

212 Botanical Herbs, Alternative and New Medical Discoveries.

211 The National Portrait Gallery This is a pretty cool site!

210 The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children A very informative site.

209 American Red Cross Packed with useful information and safety tips.

208 Scribbling Women Listen to dramatized plays online!

207 Within These Walls A 200 year study of a house and the stories of some who lived there.

206 Sun Protection Check this site out before you go bake yourself!

205 Traffic.Com Traffic in the US??? Nah.... ; )

204 Paper Craft Origami Create some great designs with these instructions. (Read 'tips' first!)

203 Geo-Globe Think you know your geography? Try these game/tests to see!

202 Antibiotic Guide Medical Reference from Johns Hopkins.

201 The Tower of London It sure has some ghostly/ghastly tales!

200 Concerning Women Informative site, excellent links as well.

199 Last Words Graveside wit, epitaphs, wills, and farewells.

198 Hungover??? Strange cures and tips to prevent the dreaded event!

197 Tai Chi & QiGong Daily exercises and world events listed.

196 Kids Gardening Cultivating a new crop of green thumbs.

195 Trade Secrets Bad chemical reactions "They" don't want you to know about.

194 National Baseball Hall of Fame Pictures and Bios of every member.

193 MyStarsLive Interactive Star Charts/Find out what's above you right now!

192 Spiked! News that's to the point!

191 Your window over Rome See how the sights looked then And now.

190 The Time of the Lincolns All about what was going on at that time (Virtual tours!)

189 United Nations Environment Network

188 Secrets of the Pharaohs Very Interesting!

187 WebCopier Lets you download a site to read offline.

186 WebGator Investigative Resources on the Web.

185 Fast Food Facts Got a Fast Food habit?

184 Be Constructive! A Great site if you're planning any home improvements!

183 OneCosmos EXCELLENT SITE to explore!

182 Wild World An Interesting National Geographic site!

181 Roller Coaster Crazy

180 Submarine to the Arctic Journey below the polar ice cap!

179 Yellowstone, America's Sacred Wilderness Beautiful Pics!

178 DreamBank Read the interesting accounts of other peoples dreams...

177 The National Archives of Scotland

176 California History Online Lots of interesting fact here!

175 Hockey News For all you Hockey Fans!

174 My Potential Find what Your potential can be.

173 Hazardous Waste Check your knowledge of what to do with what's in your home.

172 Alternative Medicine

171 Reader's Digest Health Good Site!

170 Nature:Triumph of Life This is interesting.

169 Fast Facts This could come in handy

168 Akoo Radio and Music Online

167 The Year 2000 in Pictures

166 Spin Magazine Online All the latest music world news.

165 Home Arts Lots of tips on many things.

164 Bob Vila Online Very Handy site to bookmark!

163 Dick Clark Yes! The Man Who Never Ages has his own website!

162 Mr. Beller's Neighborhood Interesting anecdotes of New York City

161 The 100 Cameras Project 100 people were given free cameras and told to have some fun!

160 Bartleby's The Ultimate online reference!

159 The Bermuda Triangle

158 Globe Explorer! See your house/neighborhood via satellite!

157 Dawn of Day Do you have a budding young writer in your family? This site helps to improve and possibly publish your child's talents, between ages of 4 to 17. Check it out!

156 Facts On Health Very Informative site!

155 Volunteer Match Enter your ZIP and see where you can help!

154 The Salem Witch Museum Mass hysteria is a deadly thing...

153 Wacky Uses Amazing uses for everyday products!

152 The Mysterious World of Mummies Great Site! Works best with a FAST computer!

151 Yoga Basics a very good site!

150 Desiderada Need a quick break from stress? Thanks for the link Frank!

149 The 7 Wonders of the Ancient World

148 The Beatles! Need I say more? Ok, Funky Site!

147 Hitler's Lost Sub U-Boat found, off the Jersey shore.

146 Short Stories Read 'em Online or print them out for later!

145 "Got Milk?" You may not after reading this!

144 MORE Fractals! Check out the slideshow galleries!

143 Online Newspapers Local, National, Global!

142 World Gazetteer Population #'s for 'everywhere'

141 Guinness World Records Online

141 USA Census Results Type in your Zip for your town's info.

140 First 9 Months A visual journey of an unborn's 1st 9 months.

139 What does Your name mean?

138 ANANOVA Great News Site!

137 Hurricane Tracker A Florida based weather site - very interesting!

136 The Learning Kingdom New 'Cool Facts' everyday!

135 Unsolved Mysteries

134 "TOP SECRET" Recipes Of the foods you love!

133 Rorschach Inkblot Test What do YOU see?

132 Experience Want a new job? Look here 1st.

131 Rate Yourself Be Honest Now...! ;-)

130 Center for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence

129 The Millenniun Matters You could spend a Lot of time here!

128 Australia's Lost Kingdoms

127 Creature Chronicles Very Interesting Site!

126 EMP Live Music! All sorts of topics; Great site!

125 Mysteries of the World One Man's Views

124 Anomalous Images From Space Lots of 'stuff' here!

123 Hand Speak A Sign Language Dictionary Online.

122 The Kelley Blue Book New car prices, used car Bluebook values.

121 The Nine Planets Planet Information

120 Free Fonts Are you a Font addict?

119 Earth Alert Daily updates on the state of the planet.

118 The Impressionist This is pretty cool.

117 Ask A Lawyer Free online advice. Check the archives too.

116 Recycling Facts

115 Screen Savers!

114 Typing Speed Test

113 Ask Earl, The Yard-Care Answer Guy

112 Whales on the Net Thar Be Whales Here!!! (Nice Pics)

111 Virtual Pet Cemetery *Warning* If you've loved and lost a pet, you won't leave this site with dry eyes.
I dedicate this entry to: Buster, Bennie and Toby : )

110 Who2 Facts about famous folks / check the "Who Loops"
I wasn't sure if this one was for the "Weird" page or decide.

109 Cosmiverse Your Space Portal! Watch the shuttle coverage cams / Great site!

108 Find Sounds Search the Web for sound effects!

107 Urban Legends Great Site!

106 The Straight Dope The answers to common & not so questions.

105 Restaurant Row Enter your zip code and find a great place to eat!

104 Name Anagrams See what else Your name says!

103 Did you Know? VERY Interesting 'stuff'.

102 Concept Carz Ahhh...Imagination is a wonderful thing!

101 What is? A handy dandy guide for computer lingo abbreviations!

100 EgoSurf Find all the places your name appears on The Web.

99 Virtual Workout Click on each body part for an exercise. Great idea!

98 Prayer & Meditation Interesting site

97 The Last Word Science Questions & Answers

96 The Tutorials Search Engine How to do just about anything!

95 The Internet Movie Data Base All the news from Gollywood

94 Positive Thinking

93 Rebecca's Garden Lots of gardening goodies!

92 Encyclopedia Titanica Biographies of passengers & crew

91 World News Links to news from around the world

90 Disaster News Links

89 Speedtraps! Ugh! Those Nasty Things!

88 Norse Mythology Classics

87 Greek Mythology Great site!

86 Mythology & Folklore LOTS of info here!

85 Lyrics Library VERY handy site!

84 GUITAR This site even has online guitar lessons!

83 e How Very Informative Site!

82 Make Your Own Laser Show

81 Procrastination Research

80 The Better Business Bureau

79 PBS On Line

78 Hoax Kill Internet Hoaxes

77 Gig Mania The Live Music Scene

76 15th & 16th Century Exploration Voyages

75 Television History

74 Photo Journal Across the US

73 The Lord of the Rings

72 World War 1 History

71 World Wildlife Fund

70 Molecular Expressions

69 Home & Garden TV On Line

68 Biography

67 Kitten Rescue Some helpful tips

66 The Museum of Modern Art

65 Natural History Magazine

64 American Pet Association

63 Exo Science Very Interesting!

62 Titanic International Society

61 RMS Titanic

60 Frank Zappa It's Z Man!

59 Grateful Dead A Dead Heads Paradise

58 World of Discovery Very Interesting Site

57 The Weather Channel

56 1969 Woodstock Festival

55 Houseplants You can't Kill!

54 Donate to Charities for Free! All it takes is a moment of your time to 'click'

53 Free Translation

52 My Travel Guide Plot your next escape!

51 The Phobia List Fear of website lists? Uh Oh

50 The Mensa Workout Work that brain!

49 "Kiss This Guy" Been singing the wrong words? Funny Site!

48 The Game of Married Life Game!!????!!

47 Handwriting Analysis

46 American Hot Wax 20th Century American Music

45 Celebrity Web Links

44 Creativity Cafe' Drop in for a cup of ideas!

43 Find What A different kind of Search Engine

42 The Moonlit Road Very Cool Site!

41 MORE Paranormal! Angels, Ghosts, Channeling

40 Haunted Places Boo! :-O

39 Ghosts & Hauntings Eeeeek!

38 Ghost Hunters Society

37 Penpals!

36 Care 2 Great Site! Help save the Rainforests and MORE! All it takes is a click!

35 Empire State Building

34 Rock 'N Roll Hall of Fame and Museum

33 Environmental Issues How Does Your Town Rate??

32 Nature Guides Bring Nature to You

31 Audubon Magazine On Line

30 On Line Psych Tests LOTS of Quizzes!

29 POLLSTAR All Things Musical/GREAT Site!

28 Nuclear Blast Mapper! Yikes!

27 Bibliomania Read Books On Line

26 Ancient Egypt

25 Windmills

24 Fallacies A funny site.

23 Brain Health Facts

22 Information Please Very Handy!

21 Virtual Dino Tour

20 Global Metric Time Service

19 Nutrition News Check the Archives

18 Physics 2000

17 "All the Answers" Ahhh, if that were only true!

16 Medieval History

15 Time Capsule What was going on when You were born?

14 Savoir Faire with Maude Podge Interesting And funny!

13 Bandwidth Speed Test You'll be surprised at the results!

12 States & Capitals

11 National Geographic

10 Perpetual Calendar What day of the week were you born on?

9 Reference Desk This site has just about everything you'll need! Bookmark THIS One!

8 Monthly Maintenance Tasks This site is a good idea!

7 Official Peanuts Website

6 Farmers' Almanac

5 Paranormal Phenomena MANY interesting things here!

4 Webster's Dictionary

3 Thesaurus

2 Facts on Farts...! Actually, this is Very interesting!

1 Psycho-Analyse Yourself

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